The Karnak regenerator is an electronic instrument which is able to generate electromagnetic waves that are healthy for the body, reactivating and rebalancing the electromagnetic frequencies already emitted by the brain and organs. It is therefore a natural solution for restoring the psycho-physical energy balance of the brain and entire body.

This regenerative action is achieved by means of a headset which transmits electromagnetic waves at very low frequencies (from 0.6 Hz to 15 Hz). Scientific studies published many years ago provide evidence that electric and electromagnetic waves are emitted by the brain in DELTA, THETA, ALPHA and BETA wave frequencies.

The innovation of the Karnak Cerebral Regenerator lies in its ability to re-balance the cerebral frequencies that regulate hormonal (DELTA), cellular (THETA), biochemical (ALPHA) and emotional (BETA) function. Karnak's know-how in matters of bioresonance and bioenergetics, acquired in over 20 years of research and development, has enabled energetic treatment programs to be developed for the most widespread health problems and for needs in social and professional areas.

University scientific studies have demonstrated the beneficial and resolutive action of the Karnak Regenerator, even on patients who are so-called "non-responders" to traditional treatments, that is, people who receive no benefits from conventional medical treatments.

The purpose of the Regenerator is to restore energy balance through cerebral regeneration and a consequent reactivation of organ functionality, which results in long-lasting psycho-biophysical health without inducing addiction or dependence.

The instrument has been designed to be safe: it works with DC electric power of only 24 volts. It has an external power source, and never comes into contact with the patient.
It is also easy to use and accessible to all members of the family since the energetic treatment program required can be set according to the needs of each member.

Each program lasts from between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the one chosen.
Energetic stimulation occurs by means of a headset, worn on the head, which consists of two solenoids (coils) that transmit very low frequency electromagnetic waves of both positive and negative polarity. This facilitates the restoration of the natural polarity of cerebral neurons, which in turn reactivates their transmission, thereby clearing energy blockages and also reducing mental and psychic fatigue.

While energetic stimulation is taking place, any other activity that involves sitting or lying down can been carried out since the headset does not produce any sound or disturbance. It is therefore possible to listen to music, watch television, use the computer, read or relax and sleep.

The transmission of electromagnetic waves is signalled by dedicated LEDs positioned on the headset. Since the Regenerator has no consumable or degradable parts, it does not require any particular maintenance other than normal care and cleaning.

A maximum of two frequential energetic treatment programs a day are recommended. The device also magnetizes liquids so that the benefits of the frequential energetic action can be enjoyed throughout the day, wherever you are.

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