The principal function of the Karnak Sensor is to measure the energetic data of the patient undergoing the test in order to identify any cerebral and organic energetic imbalances in the body. This is carried out by monitoring the energetic state of the immune system and hormonal, cellular and biochemical activity, without any form of patient contact or invasiveness, through quantum bioresonance mechanisms.

The test lasts only 45 seconds!

Advantages for the Operator

The Karnak Sensor, by means of the dedicated energetic check-up function, detects energetic imbalances and identifies their cause. The instrument is not an electromedical device and it is not diagnostic, therefore energy measurements can be taken and considerations made regarding the data measured without any manual intervention by the operator and without having contact with the person taking the test.

Advantages for the Patient

An energetic analysis performed with the Karnak Sensor allows us to go beyond the "How are you feeling" and effectively see "How you are".
Through energetic analysis, the causes that lead to energetic imbalances and the symptoms that cause changes in psycho-physical health can be determined.
The energetic test also allows problems to be prevented by verifying the energetic functionality of the body’s immune system.
The Check-up has no contraindications since the device is for detection only: it produces no emissions and is non-invasive. This means that the test can be performed at any age.

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