The frenetic rhythm of life and a lack of free time make it essential for us to consume food with a long shelf life and pleasing appearance. Nowadays, Food Intolerances are an increasingly widespread problem. We often, in fact, find ourselves eating rich foods with colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers, flavourings and chemical substances.

Foods to which we are intolerant cause daily cerebral-organic imbalances and it is essential that we seek to rebalance our bodies and prevent these imbalances from turning into dysfunction and degeneration.

By means of the Karnak Sensor and the test to detect Food Intolerances, it is possible to identify foods that are energetically damaging to our energetic balance and which, day after day, affect our critical levels and negate the energizing benefit of supplements and healing remedies. The analysis is determined using your own food so that the benefit or otherwise of each food eaten is assessed in a personalized manner according to your critical energy levels.

Advantages for the Operator

By using software especially developed for Food Intolerances, the interference of each food eaten by the person examined can be detected by the Karnak Sensor for all areas of the brain and organs.
The test only involves the preparation of the foods (closed in plastic food bags or with transparent cling film). Each food is then tested one by one while the patient then holds it in his/her hand.
The test takes just one minute to identify the interference produced by each food. The beneficial action (harmony) and non-beneficial action (disharmony) for each brain and organ function can then be evaluated according to the critical level of each subject examined.
By eating a diet that is balanced from an energetic standpoint, people will gradually optimize their energy levels day after day, avoiding eating those foods that are detrimental to treatments and their health needs.

Advantages for the Patient

The patient receives tailor-made, personalized dietary advice, since any food intolerances that damage specific organs or brain functions have been detected according to his/her critical levels, thereby making it possible to establish a degree of intolerance of each food actually eaten. It should, in fact, be taken into consideration that the food eaten is often very different from the food extracts contained in the test phials, which, in any case, are used for indicative purposes only.
With low levels of food intolerance, the negative action of foods that are energetically non-beneficial can be balanced out by the positive action of beneficial foods and therefore these harmful foods can still be consumed without having to eliminate them completely from the diet. A balanced diet that is beneficial to your body can be considered an excellent foundation for psycho-physical health.

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