The living body can be considered as an oscillating electric circuit, in which each neuron or cell, depending on its energetic state, transmits via the DNA-RNA electromagnetic fields that are propagated into the environment.

The Karnak Sensor is an electronic circuit made up of free oscillators that act as antennas and pick up electromagnetic fields transmitted by the brain and emitted by the organs.

The Sensor enables every brain or organ function and each of its areas to be displayed in real time and provides an energetic analysis of the entire body in a few seconds.

Practical maps of each area of the brain and every detail of the organs highlight functional energetic anomalies, determining the extent of existing imbalances, displaying them graphically and documenting dysfunctions and any problems in the organs, allowing the causes of the energetic anomalies to be determined.


When areas in the brain or organs are damaged their energetic activity is reduced.

To reactivate their function, the brain takes from the environment the electromagnetic activity required; this is detected and analysed by the Sensor during the test on the person, after a background check is carried on the environment.

The test is non-invasive since there is no contact between the patient, the detection instrument and the operator.

The patient just sits in front of the instrument for less than a minute!

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