Performing the test to detect energetic imbalances in brain activity is essential for gathering energetic data in a non-invasive way and without any contact with the person being examined.
By discussing topics during a conversation with the patient, it is in fact possible to monitor the different areas of the brain and evaluate the imbalances that occur when a particular topic is discussed or question posed, so as to identify the possible causes or energetic blocks behind psychological problems. In addition to imbalances, intellectual skills and abilities can also be determined (intelligence, creativity, memory, intuition, ability to analyze and calculate), so that, by taking aptitude test, even in a professional context, the most appropriate course of study can be recommended.

Advantages for the Operator

The operator has a way of uniting psychological methods with energetic methods in order to identify the energetic imbalances of cerebral activity and determine the most effective energetic solutions and techniques for restoring the psycho-physical health of the patient.
The operator also assesses the skills of each individual so that he can best advise him/her on the course of study to take or help him/her choose a suitable position in the working world in which the competence of each person has undoubted effects on productivity and efficiency, as well as professional fulfilment and motivation.

Advantages for the Patient

This energetic method gives the operator the opportunity to gather a great many energetic parameters during normal conversation and offer advice or suggest treatments using the most effective methods according to one’s energetic profile.
In the same way, the patient becomes more aware of his abilities, which helps him/her choose the course of study or work position that is most suited to the individual skills that contribute to personal fulfilment.

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