The “Language of Life” applied through KARNAK methods

The KARNAK biofrequency Regenerator recreates the natural frequencies that the cells in the human body and other living beings convert into functional, vital and reparatory processes.

Harmonization lets you act in a natural and non-invasive way on your biophysical aspect, acting exclusively on the causes of health issues, improving your cellular potential and attaining benefits that complement your therapy.


Five methods to restore and improve your psycho-physical well-being

Our cellular membrane potential allows cells to function and maintain their characteristics and functionality. Our cellular membrane's potential—measured in millivolts—undergoes variations when our cells lose their frequency harmony due to stress, or chemical or electromagnetic pollution, creating bioenergetic and biochemical imbalances.

These variations cause cells to lose functionality, making them unable to draw on the nutrition they need to thrive, and to release the toxins they have accumulated.

Biofrequency rebalancing can be activated by respecting the unique nature of every living being, acting on both the informational aspect (i.e. the frequency) and on the potential our cells need to do their job. The interaction between exogenous electromagnetic fields (outside the body) and endogenous ones (inside the body) allow our organism to generate additional chemistry. By applying biofrequencies with a tiny stimulus, your body can benefit from this information and increases its ability to hear and resonate, in order to harmonize and rebalance our vital and self-reparatory processes, and the immune defenses at the heart of psycho-physical well-being.


Method 1
Vital and self-reparatory processes
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The human body has innate capacities. One of these is its distinct ability to use biophysical and biochemical potential to activate its vital and functional self-reparatory processes. By using natural frequencies to interact through pulsed electromagnetic fields, we can interact with our bodies, re-educating the cells with infinitely small potentials and activating our original vital processes, that is the information our cells need to do their job. Every cell vibrates and resonates at a specific frequency, depending on the type of cell, whether muscle, tissue, bone or connective tissue.

Using an approach on the cellular and hormonal channel, the Regenerator acts like a tuning fork that tunes our vital processes so that our bodies resonate on natural frequencies. In this way, our bodies are re-educated to increase their potential and regenerate themselves all day long, and not just when we sleep at night.


The solutions developed to fulfill the need to boost cellular functionality and vitality, thereby activating self-repairing mechanisms, are programs 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20 and 21.


The most tangible benefits of using each of these programs are:

  • greater energy output with improved self-reparatory capacity
  • increased immune defenses
  • improved hormonal balance
  • less fatigue and oxidative stress (fights cellular aging)

Method 2
Function and hormonal processes
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By interacting through frequencies the body already knows but it is sometimes not able to keep active due to loss of potential, we help to increase the production of biochemical substances that facilitate organic functional processes. The action primarily on the neuro-vegetative system increases the activity of the hormones and chemicals produced by each organ and gland to optimally facilitate the assimilation of nutrients and improve the efficiency of metabolic regulation.


The specific solutions to increase organic functionality are programs 1, 2, 3, 4, 11 and 22.


The most obvious effects of these programs are:

  • Clearer thinking, optimal in situations of electromagnetic stress caused by smartphones, electromagnetic fields and neurotoxic substances.
  • More efficient digestion, respiration and blood circulation, laying the groundwork for the body to better detoxify itself and best contrast the allergens and excitotoxins present in foods (artificial flavors and colours, preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners).
  • Optimized metabolism of fats and sugars with an increased metabolism and better weight control

Method 3
Emotional balance
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Emotional balance is very important to psycho-physical well-being because the brain burns up to seven times more energy than the body. So, it appears essential that we optimize our energy use and neuronal cellular potential to improve functional efficiency. Recent scientific discoveries show that the brain is directly linked to the immune system throught meningeal lymphatic vessels. This important discovery shows once again just how little Science knows about how the human body works. Anxiety, worry, stress, sadness and dissatisfaction can lower our organic defenses and lay the groundwork for dysfunctions in the medium term, and lead to possible degenerative processes if they persist over the long term.


Specific programs for emotional re-balancing are numbers 8, 9, 23 and 24.


By applying these programs, you can:

  • Increase serotonin levels—the happy hormone that helps us face our daily lives with a positive outlook—as shown by our scientific research that confirm results on people suffering from depression that does not respond to traditional treatments.
  • Rebalance excesses, ease restlessness, agitation, anxiety, fear and panic, with clear cardio-circulatory and respiratory benefits as well.
  • Harmonize the neurones in the cerebral hemispheres and spinal column (which is also formed of neurones) providing significant benefits through the removal of energy blockages caused by the cells and neurones’ inability to communicate, which can lead to organic and postural problems.

Method 4
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Applying frequencies identified as improving intellectual capacities such as concentration, learning and memorization, at work, school or in sport, helps the body optimize its aptitudes. This is useful at work, in sport and in personal development, easing chronic fatigue and stress that in many cases leads to increased inflammation and a necessary response from the body, requiring the expenditure of additional energy resources to activate necessary reparatory processes (e.g. increased cholesterol levels). In sports, cellular activity benefits from natural frequencies that increase cellular energy yield and allow the mitochondria to accumulate energy reserves (ATP) in order to have more energy potential available in a natural way to improve sports performance, with clear fatigue reduction benefits. Recovery time is also improved, as is muscle relaxation which allows the muscles to recover more quickly, contrasting the formation of free radicals.


The programs for this goal are numbers 1, 2, 6, 12, 13, 15 and 22.


The application of these programs allows you to:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved reasoning, analysis, memorization and intuition
  • Improved concentration for studying, work and learning
  • Improved reflexes through faster reaction time
  • Improved cellular energy yield to resist fatigue

Method 5
Wellbeing improvement
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We often confuse feeling well with being well. This is because we have not developed the ability to listen to our bodies to become aware of functional deficits, or because our fast-paced lives do not allow us the time to dedicate to this. Improving our potential at any given time in our lives (it's not always the same potential) involves not only keeping vital processes active and using more efficient metabolic processes, but activating our ability to repair and detoxify ourselves. Your body is fully capable of doing this, but it is not always able to do so spontaneously. So, the inability to perform functional and vital processes optimally means that your body can even unlearn this ability and in the long term no longer even be able to activate it when they need to. Like a foreign language learned years ago is forgotten if you don't use it, the human body—with its innate ability to learn new things but also learn bad habits—can also unlearn things, making the body dependent on external biochemical elements to compensate for that which the body is unable to produce by itself.


Specially designed programs—to be alternated daily—are numbers 20, 21, 22 and 23, or alternately, program 10 daily or every other day.


With an optimal multi-frequency balance, the body is able to “remember” this “universal alphabet” and use it in cellular brain and organic communication.


We have also developed specific programs to optimize each person's aptitudes and talents: these are special programs 17, 18 and 19. “Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. Everything transforms”: this is the development of abilities we already possess and which require a predisposition. We need the raw materials to do so.


The language of life: five essential frequency groups

The frequencies that the brain uses and transmits to the organs and cells are based on several languages spoken at the same time.

Cymatics is the science of how each frequency corresponds to a shape and how each frequency can be considered a letter of a universal alphabet used by the cells of the body as a primary form of communication. Based on this, living beings using this language daily benefit from optimal and long-lasting psycho-physical wellbeing.

The emotional and electromagnetic stress phenomena, in particular, undermine the continuity and the ability to use this form of cellular language. The usefulness of this vibrational listening is therefore of great importance to keep active the communication skills of vital processes.

In particular, the cellular languages used by our brain and body are:

  • Epsilon (0,1 Hz - 0,4 Hz) – language of the psyche
  • Delta (0,5 Hz - 3,9 Hz) - language of hormonal, immune and reparatory activity
  • Theta (4 Hz - 7,9 Hz) - language of cellular activity and vitality
  • Alpha (8 Hz - 12,9 Hz) - language of biochemical and metabolic processes and of neurovegetative system
  • Beta (13 Hz - 19,9 Hz) - language of emotions

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Epsilon is the frequency group related to processes of the psyche that acts primarily on mental openness (the perspective with which we define our own reality), self-esteem and the consciousness, love yourself and the ability to derive satisfaction from our existence.

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Delta frequencies harmonize and regulate hormonal and self-reparatory activity of the body. They are essential because they act in vital processes such as cardio-respiratory and allow the body to activate its immune defenses and produce hormones like endorphins, encephalins, serotonin and melatonin.

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland that is primarily activated during sleep at night, favoring self-healing processes.

Delta frequencies are also related to hypophysis and the libido and are extremely important in keeping our body healthy and strong. They are also the most difficult to keep active because of the major electromagnetic interferences generated by high-tech communication systems that interfere negatively at the electromagnetic level, lowering our self-healing ability when we are both awake and asleep.

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Theta frequencies harmonize the activity of the subconscious and activate the cellular channel. They are of vital importance both for maintaining optimal cellular membrane potential and for optimizing energy reserves (ATP – adenosine triphosphate). They are directly involved in cellular functional processes repairing bone, cartilage, muscle and organs. They harmonize the self, facilitate cellular exchange and regeneration, allowing the immune system to activate the appropriate defenses avoiding autoimmune mechanisms (situations in which the immune system attacks healthy cells, mistaking them for sick ones). Of the Theta frequencies, we should mention the so-called “Schumann resonance” at 7.83 Hz, which our vital and cellular processes need greatly.

Life on Earth developed with this specific cellular resonance information on which biological life is based (Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz). Today, it is constantly overwhelmed from electromagnetic pollution generated by scientific progress and radio and microwave technologies.

Already in the 1970s, spacecrafts were equipped with terrestrial magnetic fields; only using this technological system recreating Schumann’s resonance we can survive in space.

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Alpha frequencies harmonize the activities of the subconscious and regulate the biochemical channel, intellectual activity and neurovegetative system. The orthosympathetic and parasympathetic systems, that can be considered the accelerator and the brake of metabolic processes, are of fundamental importance because they are directly involved in cardio-circulatory and respiratory functions and in the body's ability to detoxify itself of harmful chemicals frequently found in foods and in the air (e.g. toxins and heavy metals). The frequency harmony of the Alpha language is directly correlated to the body's ability to adapt to climate changes and variations in sun and light exposure; changes in the seasons and variations in the circadian cycle make it particularly difficult to maintain an Alpha balance. The Alpha frequency range is also related to the ability to provoke an immune response in the presence of allergens. Last, it harmonizes our intellectual capacity related to learning and concentration and can develop it to its maximum potential.

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Beta frequencies primarily handle emotions and can reduce feelings of panic, fear, insecurity and sadness that can sometimes alter our natural balance. They can also be correlated to the electromagnetic activity of the spinal column, which, because it is an alkaline structure, represents our body's “battery”. They harmonize the first cervical vertebrae, acting directly on balance, paranasal, auricular and ocular activities, and on every vertebra in the spine, also providing benefits in terms of organic functionality. They also regulate the activities of the conscious and superconscious.


We have also developed specific programs to optimize each person's aptitudes and talents: these are special programs 17, 18 and 19. “Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. Everything transforms”: this is the development of abilities we already possess and which require a predisposition. We need the raw materials to do so.


Drinking liquids with natural frequencies is a source of great wellness.

Because liquids are composed primarily of water, they maintain water's unique chemical and physical characteristics. The covalent bond is essential for the water molecule, which is formed of two gases: hydrogen(H) and oxygen (O). It is well known that the chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen (oxygen has the property of being able to bind directly even with two elements, hydrogen with just one, which is essential for the formation of a water molecule: H2O), but the physical bond (i.e. the bond holding hydrogen and oxygen together) is often underestimated or even discounted.

This force is the electrical charge of the elements themselves: hydrogen has a positive charge and oxygen a negative one because one of oxygen's properties is its ability to acquire electrons from other elements, favoring bonds.

The very existence of electrical charges in elements leads us to consider - based on Heisenberg's laws of electromagnetism - that if there are electrical charges, they must generate variable electrical currents, which in turn generate variable electromagnetic fields in a self-reproducing reaction.

Water's physical nature allows it to interact with the frequencies present in liquids via external electromagnetic fields, generated for the needs of every living being. Even the “sacred waters”, known as “white waters” have unique properties because of their very specific frequency profile, whose interaction with the body is beneficial to the cells and their functioning, providing new information.

This is why it is important to be able to inform the liquids we drink, or the liquids contained in the food we eat (fruits and vegetables), in order to increase the information each of them contains to provide our body with information that can facilitate the efficiency of intra-cellular communication and also the vitality of the cells themselves.

The magnetization of the liquids, or water's repolarizing action through pulsed electromagnetic fields (or magnetization through induction) generated by the KARNAK Regenerator, enriches the liquids themselves with frequencies, bringing the water molecules (grouped in clusters) into harmony so that the positive and negative polarities repolarize to create coherence plans, i.e. “frequency harmony” as shown by “Coherence Domains” studies by Professor Emilio Del Giudice.

Harmonized and informed water acquires antioxidant properties, whereas it is highly oxidative to the body if it is not, favoring cellular aging through the loss of electrons and cellular energy potential.


Liquids, sealed in bottles or sealed containers, should be placed between the headset cups of the KARNAK Regenerator and i.e. within the bipolar magnetic field.


The optimal solution developed to carry out the function of harmonizing and enrichment with the benefits of cellular anti-aging to the body is identified with Program #16. However, each program (or frequency) can be used to inform the liquids according to the needs of each person or animal.


The most immediate effects of liquids magnetization with KARNAK Regenerator are:

  • improved skin appearance and oxygenation
  • anti-stress and antioxidant effect, strengthening the body
  • better digestion and assimilation of food
  • improved self-reparatory capacity
  • fortification of psycho-physical well-being, ability to withstand stress
  • improved cellular membrane potential and energy available
  • improved vitality and sports performance with increased ability to withstand fatigue.