Our history

KARNAK’s origin, experience and innovations in biofrequency field

KARNAK Srl was created to spread and deepen knowledge about the biofrequencies produced by living beings.

The project's goal has always been to help humans evolve through knowledge and theories based on the principles of electromagnetism based on quantum physics and the futuristic principles of “PsychoBioPhysics” of Prof. Dr. Eng. Marco Todeschini.


The realization of how essential it is to consider the vibrational aspect of the matter making up every living being, and its origins, form the foundation for addressing health problems by acting directly on their causes instead of their symptoms.


The experimentation begins.

Over the years, research and experimentations, corroborated by scientific publications on biofrequencies and university research on KARNAK devices, led the company to no longer simply share information, but starting in the early 1990s, to develop know-how, intellectual property for designs and manufacturing of devices for wellbeing based on a natural and non-invasive biophysical approach.


Introducing KARNAK Regenerator and KARNAK Sensor

In 2000, KARNAK offered new technological solutions in order to deal with the new millennium and the interferences that technological advances bring on our biofrequency balance and thus on the psycho-physical conditions of living beings.

A new generation of devices, that naturally activate wellbeing through resonance: devices that recreate the natural conditions for the body's psycho-physical wellbeing.

The human body generates frequencies to support its processes; these frequencies can be detected through resonance - and therefore screened - precisely determining which frequencies the body is deficient in and unable to generate on its own.

Development and production are done entirely in Italy in full compliance with safety directives and with an eye to exceptional quality (in selecting materials and suppliers); the natural consequence of this is a very long product lifetime and high reliability and efficiency.


KARNAK can offer innovative and high quality technological solutions, along with the intellectual properties we have developed (patents and know-how), making the company a reference on the biofrequency field.