Natural activator for your wellbeing

Every living being generates frequencies and electromagnetic fields essential to stimulate and activate vital, functional, cerebral and organic reparatory processes.

These frequencies are part of a universal language that, if kept active in the organism, can provide significant benefits.

Just as a tuning fork is used to tune musical instruments, the human body requires a multi-frequency tuning fork to tune the vital and functional processes of each organ and system.


The need to address problems while respecting the unique nature of each living beings requires instruments and solutions that can be easily received by everyone.

KARNAK is a frequency generator that uses the principles of cerebral organic resonance to stimulate reorganization and rebalancing.

Resonance is the scientific principle by which matter, including that in our bodies, reacts to stimulus, modifying its vibrational balance and sometimes taking on new characteristics brought by the stimulus itself.

KARNAK Regenerator interacts with our body in exactly the same way as the Earth's magnetic field interacts with biological life forms (Schumann’s resonance).

The Regenerator acts like a vital process activator and harmonizer, enriching our bodies' cells and matter with frequency information. The living being autonomously acquires the optimal rebalance unique and specific to it, optimizing its available potential and cellular energy that are then translated into functional processes and improved vitality.

KARNAK Regenerator acts directly on the causes of imbalances instead of on their symptoms in a way that is complementary to any therapeutic treatments. So, it can also be used to strengthen and sustain a state of wellbeing and for prevention.

Introducing a new generation of instruments patented in Italy: the activators, devices that don't do but just activate in you, tested and recognized by the University of Milan.


KARNAK Regenerator generates frequencies with optimized waves forms in different intervals correlated to specific cerbral and organic functionalities:

  • Epsilon – psychic function
  • Delta – hormonal function
  • Theta – cellular function
  • Alpha – nervous and biochemical functions
  • Beta – emotional function and spinal column.

The frequencies are transmitted through an headset containing a couple of diffusers. Each diffuser contains a solenoid and a circuit board.

KARNAK Regenerator generates electrical frequencies that produce, swirling in each solenoid, the electromagnetic field with opposing positive and negative polarities that provide the information in a totally natural way.

The diffusors are contained in a specially designed headset. The headset creates no sound that would require the sensory organs to translate the stimulus, but infrasounds, phonons that are effective by nature because they are used in a native form for cerebral and cellular communication.

Intra and extra-cellular communication is not based exclusively on photons, rather phonons also play a fundamental role.

For proper use, the headset must be placed next to the head or body.


There are three KARNAK Regenerator models:

  • Automatic with 24 biofrequency programs
  • Professional+ with over 180 frequencies and wave forms that can be configured for each person, and 24 biofrequency programs (higher efficiency than the Automatic version)
  • Professional+ ADVANCE is the top of the line. Designed for professional use only. It represents the evolution of Professional+ model that allows to reach the maximum performances.

Thanks to our years of technological development, know-how and patents, we can create effective, reliable and avant-garde products that act directly on the causes of health issues.

The causes can be detected using the KARNAK Sensor. Performance is improved through the joint use of the Sensor and the Regenerator. Through a careful biofrequency assessment, you can select the best programs and frequencies that act on the imbalances causing the problem.


KARNAK Regenerator acts directly on the causes of symptoms to provide benefits to contrast stress, low energy, fatigue, anxiety, learning difficulties, allergies, immune deficiencies, autoimmune problems and poor sleep quality.

An initial ten application cycle is needed to bring the body in phase and reach an optimal tuning. We can then keep our body in tune with vital and functional frequencies using the most suitable program of the KARNAK Regenerator daily or every other day with at least two 30/40-minute applications per week.

The use of the Regenerator involves great advantages from the economic side because it is a tool that:

  • it does not require interchangeable accessories or parts subject to wear;
  • it requires no regular maintenance;
  • it is easy and intuitive to use, making it appropriate for everyone;
  • you can not go wrong with it because every generated frequency is already used by our body;
  • it is energy efficient (just 24 Volts) making it safe and with no contraindications;
  • it does not cause addiction;
  • it can be used at any time of the day;
  • you can tune your body while you are reading, watching TV or using your tablet/computer;
  • does not prevent listening and dialogue with people;
  • it is suitable for the entire family and even for your pets.