Karnak sensor

An exclusive biofeedback system through resonance

KARNAK Sensor is an innovative device that, based on years of technological development and the know-how we have gained, can estimate the biofrequency emissions of living beings in order to determine which cellular electromagnetic mechanisms are defective, fluctuating or hyperactive in an organism.

By using KARNAK Sensor, you can detect biofrequencies, identifying the possible causes of the symptoms of your health problems in a natural and non-invasive way, with no interference from an operator and without altering your biological equilibrium in any way.
Not only that, but it requires no direct contact, since it uses the cerebral-organic resonance principle, backed by biophysics.
This makes KARNAK Sensor an unique and essential tool for prevention even before symptoms manifest themselves.

The innovative nature of KARNAK Sensor lies in the fact that the device is able to react to the uniqueness of each living being, quickly and accurately measuring frequency emissions or absorptions caused by cellular RNA electromagnetic activity, without any physical contact with the subject being examined.


LThis patented technological solution uses a new generation of circuit board able to adapt to the vibrations of each being.

In particular, we studied the interaction with biological entities in depth in order to immediately map—in just 45 seconds—the variations that living beings produce in an environment whose frequencies had previously been read. So, the person is considered a passive subject since the actor in the test is always the environment, with or without the interference created by the person him/herself.

Ciò è reso possibile dal cuore pulsante del sensore: un sistema di oscillatori This is made possible by the Sensor's core: a free oscillators system, specially designed and calibrated to work in phase, that detect and transfer the environment's frequency information influenced by the presence of the living being. The person, with his/her own biofrequency emissions and subtractions causes microvolt variations in the electronic circuit.

The extremely low frequencies used by the organism to keep vital and functional processes active are catched by a unidirectional antenna receiver.


LThe software decoding the signals from the Sensor assigns different functions to each frequency: Epsilon - psychic function, Delta - hormonal and immune system, Theta – cellular activity, Alpha – biochemical and nervous function, Beta – emotional channel correlated to the spinal column, and Gamma – organic functions.

The frequency variations are decoded and processed by a special software that generates visual graphs of the frequency data, in a range from 0.1 Hz to 80 Hz: this is the frequency range that the cells of the living beings use natively to stimulate the vital, functional and emotional processes forming the basis for cellular communication by the brain and the organ, and therefore psycho-physical wellbeing.

KARNAK Sensor is also an environmental monitoring system that detects additional frequency information in areas with high environmental electromagnetic pollution and the Earth's electromagnetic activity related to seismic phenomena, the presence of raw minerals, waterways and natural gas.


In order to investigate a person's health status, regardless of how they feel, the software solutions we have developed help to prevent disease through the KARNAK (PSI Test) biofrequency check-up. This analysis identifies the psycho-physical health true state of the person and the existing biofrequency dysfunctions and alterations that have not yet caused any symptoms.

It also identifies critical situations, that is those in which several systems are defective and do not provide the organism with adequate potential to activate self-reparatory mechanisms.

In holistic, psychological disciplines and complementary medicine, KARNAK Sensor improves the analysis by the professional during interviews with the person and integrating any laboratory analysis with the biofrequency data emerging from the test for a more complete assessment.


Detecting the frequencies the individual is defective in using the KARNAK Sensor is extremely important not only to identify the natural and vibrational elements most useful for each organism, but also to select the most appropriate frequencies to activate in the person using the KARNAK Regenerator.

The joint use of the two instruments makes it possible to achieve a targeted rebalancing by choosing the most appropriate program and frequencies and thus providing the individual with the lack of vibrational information previously emerging through biofrequency analysis.


KARNAK Sensor detects the degree of efficiency (assonance) or non-usefulness (dissonance) of each element, whether a mineral, remedy, supplement or a food. The goal is to perform specific tests providing precious information on which elements interact in a favorable way to harmonize and reactivate the defective functions in the subjects being examined.

This type of analysis is very simple: the element to be examined is placed near the person or animal, or simply held in the hand.

Through this analysis (PK Test), the operator can select the best remedies and determine the success level of their frequency intervention, even before the person starts taking them.

Considering that food intolerances are not caused by the food itself but by the body's inability to use it, due to stress or excessive workload, the tests performed by KARNAK Sensor can measure the effectiveness or uselessness of the food considering each individual's unique nature.