KARNAK biofrequency method puts the foundation on the relevance of the vibrational aspect of the organism. Cells and neurons make use of these frequencies that are essential for communication between brain and organs. These vibration can be harmonized in natural way thruough a special resonance tuning.

The diapason (tuning fork) is the tool used to tune musical instruments. And just as a six or twelve-strings guitar needs to be tuned regularly to be played, every organ and system in our bodies needs to be tuned if it has to function at its full potential.

While for musical instruments, each string is tuned based on the note A on the tuning fork, the human body needs a multi-frequency tuning fork to tune its instruments: the brain and organs. The KARNAK Regenerator can be considered a veritable tuning fork to tune the body.

Our bodies need to be tuned to allow our cells to perform optimally.

We all need to be tuned, both if we are already in good health and want to increase and sustain our physical and mental wellness, and if we need to restore wellness and act directly on the causes of a symptom.


Tuning means harmonizing the information present in our body's cells and increasing our self-balancing ability through the addition of new information received by our body as useful and optimal: the natural frequencies.

These frequencies are part of the universal language our cerebral neurons and the cells use to communicate with each other and so, they are native and optimal.

We tune our bodies using resonance, providing our cells a biophysical boost in order to provide our bodies with useful information to improve the functionality of our vital, organic and self-repairing processes.

Stimulating the body below the audible threshold (infrasounds) and dialoging through the native cellular language allows our body to react, establishing a new frequency equilibrium. We can consider natural frequencies to be a true language and, just like a foreign language, can be relearned after being forgotten due to lack of use or low available energy potential.

By this way, the body can relearn and fully use the language of life!


Fatigue, mental and physical stress, poor sleep and symptoms of illness are messages our body sends to warn us that it is unable to function as it should.

Exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields like microwaves emitted by wireless devices and smartphones already cause frequency alterations and electromagnetic stress at the cellular level. Then, when we add all the time we spend each day in our cars, in public transportation and in enclosed spaces where natural frequencies cannot penetrate, it is clear that we need to be tuned in order to reach our full potential.

We are all unique, in addition to the specific KARNAK Regenerator program, so we need to identify the frequencies our body lack in order to reactivate them selectively. A biofrequency check-up using the KARNAK Sensor detects frequency imbalances in our vital, functional and reparatory systems even before symptoms appear.

Whether we stay in tune depends primarily on our lifestyle and on the emotional, physical and electromagnetic stress factors we are exposed to.