Program #11: Hormonal balance

Rebalances hormonal activity

Program #11 is considered a true rebalancer of hormonal activity to improve organic function, as well as psycho-physical wellbeing during children's growth years and in old age.

Delta frequencies’ reharmonizing action supports the activity of the pituitary gland, considered our endocrine system's engine. This improves hormone production and metabolic processes,while benefitting many vital systems in addition to fertility and growth during the developing years (growth hormones).

Thanks to the natural frequencies related to the Earth's magnetism (Schumann’s resonance), our bodies' cells potential is increased, thereby improving cell function. The very fact that frequency harmonization increases vitality helps cells to improve their function.

Delta frequencies on the hormonal front supported by Theta frequencies allow to activate the production of endorphins, enkephalins, melatonin and serotonin. This contributes significantly to constrasting inflammation and pain. Thanks to increased brain enkephalin production, the body can benefit from the major pain relieving power of these natural opiates to contrast and prevent the transmission of pain in neurotransmitters. Cells are thus protected from excess stress.

Rebalancing the hormones is especially important when we consider hormonal changes caused by chemicals and hormones present in the food we eat and by excessive exposure to micro-waves from wireless communication systems and smartphones. With regard to food, it is important to remember that today meat is a source of large quantities of chemicals from drugs and hormones administered to the animals in intensive farming. Even the chemical compounds present in plants need to be considered because of the heavy metals, polluting agents, pesticides and hormones used to encourage growth and increase yield.

These substances accumulate in our bodies causing significant hormonal imbalances.

Program #11 is very useful in easing the discomfort of premenstrual disorders, menopause and andropause, because it supports the physical and psychological channel to address problems caused by reduced testosterone and estrogen levels that lead to hair loss and abdominal fat accumulation in men, and in the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and cystitis in women.


Delta 80%

Theta 10%

Beta 10%



Cycle of 10 applications

Once a day

Morning or afternoon


Cycle of applications

3 or 4 times a week

Morning or afternoon

For optimum performance, keep your mobile phone off or set to offline (travel mode). Avoid direct exposure to wireless sources within 5 meters.
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