Program #13: Sports activity

Increases cellular energy for sports and physical activity, and reduces fatigue

Physical and sports activity can be optimized on the cellular level using Program #13. Theta frequencies in Program #13 are of fundamental importance for cells' vital and functional energetic processes. It is essential to optimize the production of the energy reserves (ATP) cells need for functional and especially physical and sporting activities.

Reaching cellular energy efficiency reduces fatigue during sports and optimizes recovery from physical effort. Theta frequencies have an impact on both the cellular, osteoarticular and muscle levels in the joints and the back. Applying Program #13 before and after exercise also provides best results in terms of performance because the body is better able to reach its peak potential. At the same time, the cells benefit from a higher degree of functionality that allows them to more efficiently release toxins and receive better nutrition. This also allows to counteract the stress the cells are exposed to by living in closed environments or exposed to intense electromagnetic fields of wireless communication systems.

These frequencies are also very important for recovery from injury and for persons suffering from severe motor disabilities. Frequency reorganization ensures a better regeneration capacity, which is also modulated on cellular activity frequencies and near those of the Earth's magnetic field (Schumann’s resonance), providing an energy boost and activating cellular repair. The cells are reaping a greater potential because they come out from stressed state.

In cases of recent trauma, Program #13 ideally follows Program #10, which allows for better handling of stress and pain. By increasing enkephalin and endorphin levels, we can harmonize pain neurotransmitters and repair traumatized cells, preventing them from excessively transmitting pain signals.

The action of fortification and cellular toning involves our ability to contrasts the formation of free radicals and can be considered a valid aid in slowing cellular aging. Using Program #13 before and after physical activity can help the body deal with the physical load using less energy and improving both physical and mental aptitude not only in sport but also in daily life, especially in periods of fatigue or low energy.


Theta 100%



Cycle of 10 applications

Once a day, twice a day for competitive athletes (before and after exertion)

Morning or afternoon


Cycle of applications

Twice or 3 times a week

Morning or afternoon

For optimum performance, keep your mobile phone off or set to offline (travel mode). Avoid direct exposure to wireless sources within 5 meters.
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