Program #3: Neurovegetative system

Rebalances the neurovegetative system and organic and psychosomatic functional processes

The Alpha frequencies provided by Program #3 act on the nervous system, i.e. the system that regulates the vegetative functions of the organs and glands, which function autonomously and not voluntarily.

Reharmonization based on the frequency language of psychosomatic processes that affect the nervous system improves the functioning of the organs themselves, which improves their efficiency and the production of enzymes and hormones. By optimizing organ function, we act on the electromagnetic imbalances and dysfunctions at the origin of the organ problems and hormonal deficiencies (e.g.serotonin, melatonin and insulin) that form without us realizing it.

Thanks to the efficient functioning of the organs, digestive processes as well function more efficiently, allowing the body to better assimilate nutrients to offer the organs greater benefit from more absorbable vitamins and proteins.


Alpha 100%



Cycle of 10 applications

Once a day

Morning and afternoon, before meals


Cycle of applications

Twice or 3 times a week

Morning and afternoon, before meals

For optimum performance, keep your mobile phone off or set to offline (travel mode). Avoid direct exposure to wireless sources within 5 meters.
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