Program #4: Organic processes

Increases metabolism and stimulates organ functionality and reparation

The frequencies used in Program #4 act on two different fronts: organ function and self-reparatory processes.

Alpha frequencies are linked to organic metabolic function and improve organ function and metabolic biochemical production. At the same time, once the body has reorganized itself, cellular energy potential optimally benefits from Delta frequency interaction at the hormonal level with greater benefits for organ functions that also support self-reparatory activities through the production of higher levels of serotonin and melatonin.

Program #4 has been conceived for a symptomologic approach to a problem while acting exclusively on the causes of biochemical imbalances deriving from cellular function imbalances and deficits at the biophysical level. Constant use of this program assists not only functional and self-reparatory processes, but also organ protection that allows the body's cells to acquire improved potential to more quickly repair any damage to organ walls and to transport fewer toxins within the body.

The organs benefiting the most from this program are the lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas and spleen, which are all particularly exposed to excessive acidity in the food we eat and to the presence of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. This specially designed application is recommended for persons with insufficient organ function, serious food intolerances and digestive issues, and after food poisoning periods.


Delta 20%

Alpha 70%

Beta 10%



Cycle of 10 applications

Once a day

Afternoon or evening


Cycle of applications

Twice or 3 times a week

Afternoon or evening

For optimum performance, keep your mobile phone off or set to offline (travel mode). Avoid direct exposure to wireless sources within 5 meters.
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