KARNAK innovative and exclusive technology

Over 25 years of research and development in applied biotechnology

KARNAK technology is the fruit of over 25 years of scientific research, know-how, patents and the development of biotechnologies applied to living beings.

The need to interact with the unique nature of each living being means we need to design, develop and produce a new generation of machines that act exclusively on the body's vibrational aspects in order to harmonize and identify the biofrequency imbalances behind problems, applying the principles of the cerebral organic resonance, the quantum physics and the PsychoBioPhysics founded by Prof. Dr. Eng. Marco Todeschini.

All while respecting the native cellular language used by living beings.

These machines are instruments that adapt to the receptiveness and degree of resonance that are established differently in each individual.

That's why we developed KARNAK Sensor, an instrument able to detect cellular, brain and organic biofrequency imbalances in the living organism, without any contact of any kind.

The instrument selectively identifies lacks of cerebral and cellular electromagnetic activity behind the functioning and maintenance of our bodies' vital and reparatory systems.

What makes KARNAK Sensor unique is that it simply receives the vibrations generated by living beings, without emitting any signal of any kind.

KARNAK Sensor is used in partnership with KARNAK Regenerator, a biofrequency stimulator that activates the biofrequences needed to restore harmony and balance, activating the type of information the body uses to stimulate and balance the activity of its vital and functional systems.



KARNAK regenerator

KARNAK Regenerator acts directly on the causes of symptoms to provide benefits to contrast stress, low energy, fatigue, anxiety, learning difficulties, allergies, immune deficiencies, autoimmune problems and poor sleep quality.

KARNAK Regenerator is intended for professional use in holistic, bionatural disciplines and complementary medicine with our Professional+ line. Our Automatic Regenerator line is suitable for domestic and family use.

The KARNAK Regenerator is designed to be safe in compliance with European Standards and Directives in the areas of safety and electromagnetic emissions. The stimulated frequencies are within the range of 0.2 Hz - 18.4 Hz and are considered safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). The power supply provide only 24 Volt in the highest class of insulation (Class III) and type SELV (Supply Extra Low Voltage).



An unique biofrequency check-up using the KARNAK Sensor detects frequency imbalances in our vital, functional and reparatory systems even before symptoms appear.

Foods, natural supplements, bioenergy techniques and postural positions can also be tested. This type of use is intended only for professionals and scientific researchers.