KARNAK SRL is an Italian company founded in 1990 in order to popularize bioenergetics and bioresonance principles.
KARNAK created a new division in Milan dedicated to research and development of new bioenergetics technologies after a period for studying bio-photons and their contribute to health improving.

We are the exclusive producer of our patented technological innovations since 1990.

Our devices are 100% MADE in ITALY and they are the results of more than 25 years of study, research and development which granted more Pantents and extremely important Universitary Scientific Results.

KARNAK technology is adopt the Original, Unique and Patented KARNAK Methods. Our Biofrequency devices are extremely effetive thanks to our know-how and high quality standards.

KARNAK puts the focus on its technology development and optimization to reach new highs thanks to evolved monitor tools since 29 years. Developing own technology allows to create customized solutions for new marketing targets and the research or co-operation with commercial and technological partners.


Our developed devices are NOT MEDICAL and NOT DIAGNOSTIC.

In 1991 the first version of Biofrequency Regenerator was born. It is also known as Karnak Neutralizer due its unique feature to neutralize the cerebral energetic lacks using ELF electromagnetic frequencies (ELF Extremely Low Frequencies).

After 5 years the KARNAK Neutralizer evolved in KARNAK Biofrequency Regenerator thanks to its special feature: the frequency cerebral and organic rebalancing and retuning.

In the meantime it was created the first Sensor which is able to catch the cerebral and organic energy emitted by a person with NO CONTACTS with own software applications for entertainment and videogames.

In 1999 the electromagnetic energetic technology evolved and Karnak Sensor has been created. It is also know as D.E.D. (Dynamic Energetic Detector) which is able to catch and valuate the cerebral and organic energetic lacks and functionalities through a bioenergetics check-up in just 45 seconds!


By retrieving the energetic imbalances it is possible to harmonize the energetic lacks by performing the bio-energetic treatments with the REGENERATOR or act directly on the symptoms using the specific treatment programs for energy optimization.