by Dr. Aureliano Baroli, Specialist in Energetical and Forensic Medicine.

As an export in Energetic Medicine, Acupuncture and Homeopathy, I have always asked myself how to reveal, measure and quantify the "energy imbalances" that are primarily responsible for psychological and psychosomatic disorders, as well as disorders related to organ functioning; these disorders all being prerogatives of oriental medicine.
I have been able to find some answers through the use of iridology, but in order to obtain significant data I began studying the so-called Kirlian effect.

This distinguished Russian scientific researcher, in 1939, succeeded in indirectly seeing the vital energy in living organisms.
Placing his hands on an isolated plate, thanks to the effects of the electromagnetic field transmitted, the electrons (biophotons) emitted by his fingers attracted the molecules of surrounding air, stimulating them along this brief journey.
In this manner a luminous trajectory is registered on photographic paper in black and white or in colour.
The photographic plate becomes imprinted in proportion to the intensity of the activity of the energetic meridians connected to the fingers. The result is an explanation of the energetic problems of various organs.
This superimposition is known as the "corona effect" and is in essence purely electric.

All living organisms possess a VITAL ENERGY FIELD that completely surrounds their physical structure, and which influences in various ways the trajectories of electrons and biophotons, producing halos in various forms, colours and intensities.
The existence of "points" in the hands and feet, closely linked with "energy channels" connecting them to the internal organs, are well noted in traditional Chinese medicine and are by now part of the cultural heritage of Eastern Acupuncturists.
In such channels, called "meridians", circulates the so-called VITAL ENERGY that is composed in large part by BIOELECTRIC ENERGY.

Though poorly regarded, the studies completed by many European researchers in the electrographics field are quite remarkable.
Of great scientific interest, and particularly challenging, is the work carried out by Professor Fritz Albert Popp of the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, and by Doctor Peter Mandel, so much so that it is now used across Europe by various medical colleagues.
This method, which I experimented for 15 years in the field of medical energy and in conventional medicine, has allowed me to achieve personalized homeopathic and phytotherapeutic therapies, keeping in consideration the bio-energetic variations, as taken from the tips of the fingers and toes, by the Kirlian electrographic verification.
From this verification we can deduce that the organism reacts with the exertion of a significant amount of bioelectric energy in the ailing area (increase in difference of potential), with the aim of correcting and restoring the correct natural biological rhythm.

The bioelectric activity, always present in the living organism, is continuously working to maintain a perfect state of energetic equilibrium, intended as the characteristics of frequency, form and differentials that every organ requires with respect to, and maintenance of, its own cellular life.
The decisive turning point in the field of bioradiant energy research came to pass in 1998, when I was given an electronic machine to test called the Psychic Sensor, which detects cerebro-organic energy language every second by means of bioresonance.
With this instrument we can carry out an accurate energetic analysis in a fast, simple and practical manner, checking the subject's cerebro-organic activity every moment and evaluating the effectiveness and functional variations in the individual systems, organs and apparatus through various types of therapies performed.

With the Kirlian electrography I was able to determine the true energetic detection capabilities of the SPK Sensor (Karnak Psychic Sensor).
Specific laboratory analyses have confirmed the accuracy of the surveys carried out with this innovative machine, as well as the relative functional and endocrine normalizations obtained with practical therapies.
I would like to point out that we can witness the positive (greater than zero) or negative (less than zero) cerebral energy activities, detecting the good or poor functionality of the central nervous system in relation to psychosomatic pathologies.

The validity of this method was documented after one year of experimentation and verifications.
Professor Giuseppe Fiorentini, renowned psychiatrist of the University of Studies of Milan, was one of the researchers who confirmed the effective detection of the cerebral frequencies emitted by subjects through the use of electroencephalographic verifications, which I was able to ascertain in turn.
The activity of the individual organs can be seen by the above-mentioned method; selecting the organ to be examined and making a detailed inspection of which area is affected by an energy alteration or functional anomaly.

In order to evaluate the CEREBRAL FUNCTIONALITY the following parameters were identified:

  • An average energetic value greater than 35 PK units = moderate energetic functionality
  • An average energetic value greater than 90 PK units = excellent functionality
  • Energetic values below 15 PK units in the relative areas = dysfunction
  • Energetic values below 30 PK units in the relative areas = illness.

In order to evaluate the FUNCTIONALITY OF ORGANS the following parameters were identified:

  • An average energetic value greater than 55 PK units = moderate energetic functionality
  • An average energetic value close to 0 = energetic problems
  • Energetic values below 15 PK units in the relative areas = dysfunction underway
  • Energetic values below 30 PK units in the relative areas = illness
  • Energetic values below 50 PK units in the relative areas = degeneration.

From the experimentation thus far carried out the following observations have also been made:

  • Analyses with the Psychic Sensor are more complete compared to the regular energetic tests because the influence of the cerebral activity on the organs is taken into account on a second by second basis.
    Furthermore, emphasis is given to the dynamic functionality of every organic area and of every organ.

  • The Sensor has demonstrated the efficiency of the cerebral magnetic stimulations with the effective recovery of endocrine functions, and of the relative adjustments of the peristaltic activities of the gastro-intestinal tract and the organic energy re-equilibration.

  • The Sensor has proven itself to be reliable in 90% of the tests carried out on a vast case study of subjects examined.
    This has also allowed us to discover critical pathologies in their initial phases and therefore begin impromptu and timely therapies.

  • The Sensor is able to discover a subject's alimentary intolerances through cerebral bioresonance.
    The subject has to simply hold in his hand, for a few seconds, a given food.
    We can establish which organs showed a decline in functionality and in which organs functionality increased.
    Therefore it is not a generic check, but a specific energetic evaluation, organ by organ, of the damages provoked by an improper diet.

  • The SPK Sensor is capable of evaluating the therapeutic effectiveness of traditional medicines, homeopathic treatments, phytotherapeutic medicines, etc. as well as in what dosage and in which organs these medicines obtain benefits or momentary damages.

Finally, I would like to draw to your attention the professional effectiveness of the energetic PSI-TEST conducted with the Psychic Sensor by a medical doctor.
It improves the patient's level of trust because he himself can determine the quality of a diet or the effectiveness of a specific therapy.
This is especially true when using invasive medicines, which are often necessary, to determine which organs are damaged, predisposing the necessary remedies in time to revive their functionality or however to reduce their damage.
The analysis with the SPK Sensor is more reliable than classic muscular tests because the person carrying out the test is 3-4 metres away from the patient and therefore does not resonate with the subject.

The SPK Sensor can analyze the effectiveness of alternative health therapies and allow for the programming of a more specific cure, because of the ability to determine the energetic and functional causes of the pathologies underway, controlling the duration and method of their normalization.