by Mr. Luciano Muti, the inventor.

Before pointing out the technical-electronic mechanisms that indicate how the dynamic detector, which detects the energy language between the brain and the organs, called the SPK Sensor, functions, I will describe certain elements that must be considered for a more appropriate evaluation of the energetic tests.

I am a bioenergy researcher and over the past 12 years I have successfully treated thousands of people with the help of a staff of 20 professional doctors, all experts in alternative medicine, working in 8 centers.
The staff is supervised by Medical Consultant Doctor Aureliano Baroli, who assumes the role of Health Director. Dr.Baroli is an expert in homeopathy, acupuncture, energetic medicine, iridology, and nutritional sciences, in addition to being a Legal Doctor.

Throughout the course of my research and analysis of around 10,000 people, I have been able to ascertain that the human brain constantly transmits, even from a distance, directional fluctuating electromagnetic fields of various strengths in a vast array of frequencies.
In order to document my theories, I developed the SPK Sensor, which, by using an ultra sensitive electronic circuit, can constantly detect and map out the strength of a person's cerebral electromagnetic emissions in every frequency.

In order to better understand the electronic mechanisms that regulate manís vital functions, I approached several scientists, including Ing. Professor Marco Todeschini, who holds many degrees and who was nominated numerous times for the Nobel Prize in Physics.
Scientists Fermi and Marconi collaborated with Dr. Todeschini in his research.
These scientists, through the science of Psycho-bio-physics founded by Dr. Todeschini, were able to provide me with important ideas regarding the electronic mechanisms that regulate psychic, biological and physical human functions.
From German Medical Researchers Dr.Professor Fritz Albert Popp from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany and Dr.Peter Mandel I became acquainted with the energetic analysis with the Kirlian electrographic method, which I used to check the state of health of patients treated in my Centers of Complimentary Medicine.
With this method, and with the dynamic electroencephalogram developed by Ing. Villiam Giroldini (Psychological tester), I was able to verify the reliability of the SPK Sensor's detections.

Medical consultants have been able to ascertain the cerebral functional recovery of the above mentioned patients in this way.
Whereas to verify the effective organic recovery classic laboratory analyses prescribed according to individual case pathologies to were used.

I developed, with the cooperation of a few engineers the SPK Sensor, which is capable of detecting the real cerebral electromagnetic emissions of a person at a distance of 1-2 meters, without the use of any electrode or other attachment to the head or the body of the person being examined.
To verify the cerebral electromagnetic emissions in the correct frequencies I used a Cerebral Magnetic Stimulator K, which I had previously developed and patented (patent approved in Rome l'11-6-1996 Nį PC 91A07).
This instrument was tested with success by, Scientific Researchers who after one year of trials carried out on several volunteer patients who did not respond to traditional medications, was able to determine its effectiveness, without the cause any negative collateral effects.

To verify the reliability of the SPK Sensor to determine the organic functional recoveries, the same Magnetic Stimulator was used in the frequencies of 6-7 Hz., with pulsating emissions of electromagnetic fields with particular types of triangular and square wavelengths.
Positioning the Magnetic Stimulator in correspondence with the organ in need we could observe, with the SPK Sensor, an increase of the energetic activity in the frequencies relative to the same organs.
All of this can be seen in the graph as histograms.
Even the Kirlian electrograph (Peter Mandel's method) picked up the identical organic functional energy recoveries detected by the SPK Sensor.

When the subject to be examined was asked to ingest a food for which the intolerance, as well as the organic problems that this intolerance produced, was known, from the SPK Sensor's histograms we could see a decline in energetic functionality right in the areas of the respective damaged organs.

In other words, we could observe a reduced electric activity in microvolts of the electronic circuit corresponding to the relative electromagnetic frequencies in the organ's areas.
By asking the patient to hold the same product in his hand for 1-2 minutes, after having carried out the first test in normal conditions and now carrying out a second, we could see a functional energetic anomaly in the same area of the organ because the brain recognized, through the well known mechanism of bioresonance, the negativity that the product brought to the relative organs.

Keeping with the mechanism of cerebral Bioresonance, with the same method of analysis it is possible to verify and quantify which natural, phytotherapeutic, and homeopathic product, dietary supplement, etc. is effective for each organ, even when taken in a continuous manner.