Sensore Karnak: Dispositivo per test Biofrequenziale bioenergetico  

The Karnak Sensor, also called as Karnak D.E.D. (Dynamic Energetic Detector), is the most practical machine available in the world for detecting from afar the electromagnetic biofrequency language between the brain and the organs. The Karnak Sensor allows us to define a person's cerebral functionality, assessing energetic imbalances before dysfunction sets in, which in turn triggers illness.

Karnak Sensor, known as SPK, has been tested with success by many medical and scientific researchers.

This device has to be connected to a personal computer by means of software that decodes the detection of directional fluctuating electromagnetic fields from 0.5 to 80 Hz, which the brain emits from afar.

The subject to be examined is placed at a distance of roughly one meter from Sensor without the need to connect any electrode to the subject's head or body!

Before analyzing the energetic state of a person, a set-up is carried out, which determines the intensity of the electromagnetic influences in the environment in the above mentioned frequencies.

When the subject to be examined sits in front of the Karnak Sensor he will cause the circuit's electromagnetic detection will change in two ways:

  • By transmitting fluctuating electromagnetic emissions from the brain, higher in certain frequencies, that are added to the electromagnetic fields already existent in the environment;

  • By reducing the electromagnetic capacity detected by Karnak Sensor:

    1. For certain momentary energetic and psychophysical problems the patient's brain and organs remove electromagnetic energy from the environment in the related frequencies;

    2. The brain, busy regenerating a given organ, doesn't allow Karnak Sensor to pick up, in certain frequencies, the electromagnetic stimuli, thereby reducing the values initially detected in the set-up.

This energetic analysis allows the prevention of various illnesses by indicating the functional psychophysical recovery and the effectiveness of treatments being carried out, by means of a check-up done on the patient before and after the session, which results will be visible in a graph during the successive phases of therapy.

This analysis enables prevention of different illnesses and indicates the resumption of psychophysical functions. It also indicates the effectiveness of treatment by Alternative Medicine through checks on the patient before and after the sitting.

The dynamic biofrequency activity of each area of the brain and of each organ can be seen in real time and printed.

 By holding in hand for a few seconds a natural, homeopathic, ayurvedic, phytotherapeutic, or organic product, we can identify which organs it helps and which organs it harms, since the brain immediately enters into Bioresonance with the elements the product is composed of, and signals this across the software.

The cause of psychosomatic problems can be seen with any PC that uses our Karnak Sensor.
Karnak Sensor favours the use of respiratory self-healing techniques or cerebral regeneration with the use of our Karnak Cerebral Regenerator that can be synchronized to the frequencies to which the Sensor's analysis signals the anomaly.

The mechanism by which the brain interacts with the electronic circuit is interpreted by Karnak Sensor. This allows for a check-up of cerebro-organic energy, indicating the psychophysical conditions of the patient, seeing these conditions with a software for Windows Xp/Vista/Win7 and Mac OS with MS Windows dual-boot.

Thanks to the Karnak Sensor we can confirm that the brain isn't solely a thinking machine but that it also exerts an electromagnetic influence, interactive from afar, which helps each of us pursue our personal successes.